EVERYONE who reblogs this will be insulted in Shakespearean fashion.

I am so looking forward to this …




I am completely prepared for this.

Hit meh with ya best shot

Go ahead.

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I’m not the guy you find in a story book. I’m not a prince charming, I’m not a hero, I’m just me. I have my flaws, I can’t express emotions very well, people perceive me to be a flirt, hell I may be a dick. I wont lie I put up a front, I try to act positive around everyone knowing that inside I’m hating everything about me. Maybe I’m mental, maybe that’s the reason why I can’t express emotions and it’s only gotten worse. I see more things than him now. Graphic images that should horrify me but I’m used to it now. Maybe I drink to forget, maybe I drink to have fun, or maybe it’s an escape. Its sad that I want to change so much but my body just won’t. My actions have devastated you… the person I love.. the person I would die for and yet I can’t express it. I think I have changed, and maybe not for the better. I see things more, my emotions are getting harder to express, I feel dead. But afterall i deserve it, Im the ass hole. If you are reading this love, I do love you with all my heart but I am starting to feel more and more desensitized and I don’t want to… I honestly wish i was with you instead of over here…. I hope you talk to me soon..  

Anonymous: I see how she complains on tumblr. U treat her like shit. Don't try to turn the subject. U r a fuckin asshole and u treat her like fuckin nothin. One day shell wake up and dump ur stupid ass and everybody will be so much happier. 

Then try to get her. Nini and I are trying to work things out but if you think I’m the asshole then do something about it. But I sure as hell know the way you talk about her will make her feel very uncomfortable she’s not an object.

Anonymous: Hah u keep avoiding my questions. Admit it u treat her like shit. Let me show her wat it feels to be like a real princesses. 

And you avoid my questions too. I know we have our troubles but what makes you think you can make her feel better huh.

Anonymous: Don't be a bitch. Everybody knows she's wayy to good for u. Y don't u let her get treated like she deserves. 

And what huh you think you can . Hell you’re telling me to act like a man when you can’t even say it to my face. You are literally talking to me behind a mask cause you won’t even tell me who you are

Anonymous: U kno u don't treat your girl right. It's always on her tumblr. Y don't u give her over to someone who can take care of her like an actual man. 

says the person that is talking to me as an anon and speaks of nini as if she were an object or property